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George‘s Bed / 2010

When I was just beginning to make furniture as a full time gig, a friend asked me to make a platform bed for him. Being a little naive at the time, I agreed without much hesitation. Well, many post-work day / late nights later it was finally finished and as hard as it was at times, I'm pretty happy with the way it ended up. He had an idea of what he wanted—a simple platform bed for his new mattress that he could move around and take apart as needed. I figured if he was getting a custom made bed, I might as well make it unique. So, I added custom resin-poured areas for him to store some bedside items: a space for his phone, a drink and anything else he might need bedside. I also added some outlets.


Walnut Veneer
Solid Walnut Edging
Solid White Oak Internal Frame
Locking Casters
Resin Pockets

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