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/ Re-Cycle Cutting Board V2
Re-Cycle Cutting Board V2 / 2011

One day when I was making some Re-Cycle Cutting Boards, I decided to try a different design with the Bike Shelf cutoffs. In a more traditional cutting board approach, I glued up the boards so the end grain would make the cutting surface, and also made them thicker to be more like a butcher block. Much like the Re-Cycle, I glued up the strips at a slight angle.
Once glued up, I wanted to shape the bottom of the board so there would be "legs." I drew up a design and routed out 4 pockets in the bottom (also at an angle) to give the perception of legs, and also to form a place for you to pick up the board easily.


Eastern Black Walnut
Cork Feet
Mineral Oil Finish

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